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3 must-see places in Galicia

Galicia is a cultural and gastronomic paradise that enchants everyone who visits it. Located in the north of Spain, it is one of the communities with more contrasts.

In addition to its vast forests and green mountains thanks to its climate, with lots of rainfall, it also hides beach and urban treasures that are real gems.

There are many corners or places in Galicia that dazzle everyone and are unique, but from Singular Villas we are going to highlight in this post 3 of them that deserve a mandatory stop:

Cathedral of Santiago

It is the final destination of the Camino de Santiago (another route that we highly recommend), a unique architectural work that is well worth contemplating.

It is to enter the Obradoiro square and feel something special, indescribable. You need to see it and see for yourself. Whether you are a pilgrim or a traditional tourist, the Cathedral of Santiago will enchant you.

Santiago Cathedral

It is a work of art recognized worldwide. Here you will be able to enjoy the tomb of the Apostle Santiago and has in the Pórtico de la Gloria, among other things. However, we recommend that you book your visit in advance so that you not only see it from the outside, but also go inside to see everything.

Cies Island

If you want to bathe in white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you don’t need to go to the Caribbean,Galicia has it! The Cíes Islands can be considered paradise in the north, the Spanish Caribbean but with the freshest water.

Cíes Islands

Located a few kilometers from Vigo, the Cíes are a group of small, almost wild, idyllic islands with dream beaches. In fact, in several international lists, the beach of Rhodes (one of the beaches it hosts) has been listed as the best European beach. And no wonder, because its environment and waters have nothing to envy to other remote places.

On the island you can enjoy a good swim in the Atlantic waters, turquoise blue beaches and pristine sand, surrounded by vegetation.

There are no inhabitants on the island, only a campsite for which it is necessary to book in advance.

To get there you have to take one of the boats that leave from the port of Vigo (one of the coastal provinces of Galicia) that in half an hour or less leave you on the island. It is important that you reserve, because to protect the island there is a daily limitation of visitors.

If in addition to the beach you are looking for adventure, you can go hiking around the island, as there are several circular routes.

Las Catedrales Beach

One cannot leave Galicia without contemplating this marvel of nature. Las Catedrales beach is another earthly paradise, full of unique rock formations that will transport you to a magical place.

It is so called because of the rocks that, due to the effect of marine erosion, have formed arches and curious shapes, giving the impression of being between towers. A true fantasy for the eyes.

Cathedrals beach

Such is its grandeur that it has been declared a National Monument. Photographers from all over the world come to capture this beach (officially called Aguas Santas beach) in multiple ways.

However, in order to preserve its structure and to protect it from overcrowding, in July and August you must request a permit to visit and walk around it. But it is well worth the paperwork, although permits are not usually delayed if there are places available.

It can only be visited at certain times, because due to the tides the sand appears and disappears in a matter of minutes. A detail that makes it even more magical.

You can visit these 3 enclaves and many more during your vacations in Galicia staying at Singular Villas, and we will recommend you many more! In our accommodations we collaborate with local companies to make your experience in Galicia a luxury.

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