Restaurantes con Estrella Michelin en Galicia

Michelin Star Restaurants in Galicia

Galician gastronomy crosses borders, and this is corroborated by 15 Galician restaurants that boast of having a Michelin star. In Galicia we have very good raw materials and also a special culinary art. Do you want to know where to find Michelin star restaurants in the Galician community? We have prepared this list so that you do not miss any.

Culler de Pau, Reboredo, O Grove (Pontevedra)

The only Galician restaurant awarded two stars in 2012 and 2020. Javier Olleros is the chef behind the project, which he shares with his wife and a Japanese chef. A family restaurant that manages to unify the cuisine of the terroir and the sea, with products from its own garden.

Water and Salt, Santiago de Compostela

Restaurant located in the city of Santiago de Compostela and promoted by Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón Jr., in charge of management and sommelier, while chef Axel Smyth is in the kitchen. Its most outstanding specialty is spoon dishes, among which we find broths, stocks, soups, consommés or stews.

Silabario, Vigo

At the headquarters of the Real Club Celta de Vigo, its chef Alberto González highlights the best Galician products that reach the markets and markets with traditional cuisine. The proposal consists of several menus and a la carte. In addition, they offer modern recipes that adapt to your pocket, since you can enjoy an excellent menu of the day for 25 euros.

O Eirado, Pontevedra

Located in the old town of Pontevedra, we discovered the restaurant O Eirado and its chef Iñaki Bretal. Their menus focus on seafood and fish from the market itself. Its menu changes every season to adapt to the excellent produce of the Boa Vila Food Market.

Miguel González, O Pereiro do Aguiar (Ourense)

This restaurant is located in the town of A Morteira, very close to Ourense. Miguel González’s kitchen is surprising, since the menu changes every day. Always with local products and of the best quality, it offers its tasting menu, which is its only gastronomic offer.

Árbore da Veira, A Coruña

At the top of Monte de San Pedro, overlooking the city of A Coruña and the Atlantic sea, we find the chefs Luis Veira and Iria Espinosa. Seafood cuisine and culinary elaborations that exalt the five senses. In addition, right next door is the Taberna Cinco Mares, another restaurant of the same chefs but with prices for all budgets.

Yayo Daporta, Cambados (Pontevedra)

Yayo and Esther Daporta are siblings and architects of this restaurant located in the town of Cambados. With a cuisine that reinvents the typical Galician dishes, where fish, seafood and seaweed are the protagonists. A cuisine dedicated to the product, with traditional dishes and simple preparation, are the hallmark of this restaurant.

A Tafona by Lucía Freitas, Santiago de Compostela

In the city of Santiago de Compostela is located this restaurant where Lucía Freitas shows her gastronomic proposal. A creative and modern cuisine without losing the traditional essence of the local recipes. All dishes are prepared with fresh products of the day to day.

As Garzas, Porto Barizo, Malpica de Bergantiños (A Coruña)

The Costa Da Morte is the place where As Garzas is located, a family restaurant run by Fernando Agrasar in the kitchen, his wife María Sánchez Abad in the dining room and his son Jorge in charge of the bakery and pastry department. His is a Galician cuisine updated to the new times with fish, seafood and meat from the immediate surroundings. In addition to the restaurant offer, there is also a lodging offer, which rounds off the visit.

Solla House, San Salvador de Poio (Pontevedra)

Pepe Solla has taken the family business to the top, converting a family restaurant with a more classic cuisine to new contemporary trends. Combining traditional dishes of the Galician countryside, with touches of modern cuisine that surprise the palate.

Pepe Vieira Camiño da Serpe, Raxo-Poio (Pontevedra)

Pepe Vieira’s restaurant in the heart of Rías Baixas surprises with its culinary creations full of intensity and flavor. A cuisine that explores with foreign recipes and ingredients, combined with top quality local Galician products. Always with an avant-garde perspective as a result of professional experience.

Nova, Ourense

Julio Sotomayor and Daniel Guzmán’s Ourense-based eatery focuses on using zero-kilometer products. They have three menus of eight, ten and thirteen courses, which change weekly. A high cuisine always in constant change, surprising the palate with its exquisite creations.

Maruja Limón, Vigo

Maruja Limón’s kitchen, located in the center of Vigo, does not go unnoticed. A transgressive cuisine that seeks new aromas and flavors. A restaurant where chef Rafael Centeno surprises us with his personal and creative style.

Retiro da Costiña, Santa Comba (A Coruña)

Very close to Santiago we find Manuel Costiña’s restaurant. A family business that began in 1939 and today continues to maintain that family essence, a cuisine with excellent raw materials of proximity and maintaining the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Marcelo House, Santiago de Compostela

A few meters from the Cathedral of Santiago, Marcelo Tejedor unites the cuisines of Galicia, Japan, Mexico and Peru. through an overflowing culinary creativity. A cosmopolitan bar that overflows with culinary creativity and offers us a glimpse of the flavors of the world.

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