Comida típica Galicia

Typical Galician food you have to try on your vacation

Galicia is not only a paradise on earth with a multitude of idyllic beaches, places that seem to be taken from a fairy tale or postcard villages, it is also a wonderful gastronomic corner!

Galician gastronomy goes hand in hand with culture, as there are dishes that are impossible to try outside Galicia. Enjoying the sea and the mountains, we can delight our palate with good meat, fish and of course seafood; but the Galician way of cooking has that magic and unique touch that is not so easy to find.

Among the many delicacies that the Galician lands offer, we can find, from SingularVillas we recommend 5 dishes that you cannot miss during your visit to Galicia:


1 Octopus a feira


The first choice, without a doubt, has to be the octopus a feira or ‘pulpo a la gallega’. This way of cooking octopus has no rival.

The authentic recipe requires cooking it in a copper cauldron to give it that unique flavor, but if not, some copper is usually introduced into the container where it is cooked to impregnate it with that flavor. Once cooked, the tentacles are cut into small pieces and sprinkled with a dash of olive oil and paprika.

And ready to taste! A simple recipe but with quality products that give it an exquisite flavor.

2 Padron peppers


They are named for their origin, in the town of Padrón, in A Coruña. As the saying goes, «Padrón peppers, some are hot and some are not». But until you taste them there, you don’t taste that meaning. It is true that some have the peculiarity of having a spicy flavor while others lack this quality, but what no Padrón bell pepper lacks is flavor.

They are usually used as garnish for other dishes, served fried and with a little salt. In any of their forms they are very tasty, whether they bite or not.

3 Caldeiro


Called carne or caldeiro, it is a very typical Galician preparation, less known than others, but equally or more tasty. It is a food designed for winter, but it is also widely consumed in popular festivals and pilgrimages.

It is made with basic but high quality ingredients: Galician veal, «unto» or bacon (each cook’s choice) and a little salt. Everything is cooked over low heat, a little bit of paprika to enhance the flavor and is also accompanied with some good Galician potatoes.


4 Seafood and fish


One cannot leave Galicia without tasting one of its star products: seafood and fish. Barnacles, oysters, crab, hake, sardines…and an endless number of top quality fish await in Galician restaurants and markets.

With a large coastal area, rich in marine life, the region has a wide variety of fish and seafood. The quality of the product and the good cooking culture of the region make any dish worth tasting.


5 Filloas


There is also room for dessert! In addition to the well-known tarta de Santiago, filloas are a traditional Galician sweet that we highly recommend trying.

Although it is more typical of Carnival, it is possible to try it throughout the year in many localities due to the popularity it has had in recent years. And no wonder!

Its ingredients are: sugar, milk, eggs, water, flour, sugar and a touch of aniseed. They are prepared in a similar way to pancakes, as they are fried in a pan with a small amount of oil, but their texture is much thinner and lighter.

They can be eaten alone or sweetened with honey, sugar, chocolate… Topping to taste!


Estas son solo 5 recomendaciones de platos gallegos tradicionales para degustar en tus vacaciones en Galicia, ¡pero hay muchas más! Seguiremos publicando en el blog más recomendaciones sobre gastronomía, actividades y todo lo que os pueda interesar.
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